California graduate student shot, killed by campus cops

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San Bernardino, CA, United States (4E) – A 38-year-old graduate student was fatally shot by campus police at the California State University San Bernardino after a commotion Saturday night.

According to authorities, police arrived at University Village, an off-campus student dormitory, after receiving reports of an upheaval that involved Bartholomew Williams.

In a statement, the college said Williams became antagonistic after a confrontation with officers, who wanted to bring him in for a psychological evaluation.

San Bernardino police Lt. Paul Williams told The Sun, when officers tried to handcuff Williams, he started a prolonged fight with violent struggles between the suspect and the officials.

After attempts to talk to him failed, officers tried to subdue him using pepper spray and baton strikes, but Williams continued struggling before he managed to take a pepper spray from one officer and spraying him with it.

Police said the officer was kicked by Williams in the head after he fell, which prompted the other campus police to fire, because of fear for their lives.

Williams was declared dead at the scene while one police officer, who was slightly injured, was rushed to a hospital.

It was not known if the student was armed during the incident.

Officials revealed Williams, who was majoring in educational instructional technology, enrolled in the school in 2011.

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