LeAnn Rimes slams laxative addiction and anorexia accusations

Paula David – Fourth Estate Cooperative Reporter

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Singer LeAnn Rimes has slammed accusations against her saying she is addicted to laxatives and is anorexic.

“It’s a shame to have one party constantly spreading lies. I know this drama is exactly what she wants to create. But Eddie and I hope for everyone’s sake, this changes,” Rimes told TMZ.

The allegations were made by ‘Real Housewife’ Brandi Glanville, the ex-wife of Rimes’ husband Eddie Ciprian. Glanville accused Rimes of not being a nice step mom to her two kids with Ciprian.

Last week, Glanville claimed that Rimes let one of her sons take the singer’s laxatives for immediate relief but ended up being sick. Glanvile also claimed that Rimes resorts to pills because of her ‘serious eating disorder.’

Meanwhile, Cibrian got Rimes’ back and called out to Glanville to talk about matters privately.

Rimes has previously battled anorexia and has recently enrolled in rehab for stress and anxiety. She is denying Glanville’s ‘outlandish allegations.’

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