Sankey: New Multi-year Fishing Licenses Available

HARRISBURG – A new fishing season is on the horizon, and anglers can prepare themselves by purchasing a multi-year fishing license, available for the first time this year from the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC), according to Rep. Tommy Sankey, R-Clearfield.

The PFBC is selling three-year and five-year fishing licenses for the first time in its history. A three-year fishing license will be valid through 2015, and a five-year license will last through 2017. Customers who purchase a multi-year license will save money by not having to pay transaction and processing fees each year.

Individuals who do purchase a multi-year license will be eligible for rewards from the PFBC, including a free online subscription to Pennsylvania Angler and Boater magazine and various offers from popular retailers.

Customers who purchase their multi-year license through either the PFBC Outdoor Shop, located online at, or from an issuing agent will receive a website link where instructions about accessing their rewards will be located.

In addition to the Outdoor Shop, multi-year fishing licenses can be purchased at more than 900 issuing agents and the Clearfield County treasurer’s office, 230 East Market St., Suite 110, Clearfield. For more information on purchasing a multi-year fishing license, visit Sankey’s Web site,, and click on Sportsmen Resources on the left navigation bar.

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