10 million mobile downloads for BitTorrent

Jeremiah Yap – Fourth Estate Cooperative Writer

San Francisco, CA, United States (4E) – Torrent client BitTorrent has announced that it has reached 10 million downloads on mobile devices. BitTorrent offered a mobile version of its client last year. BitTorrent released its software (BitTorrent / uTorrent) for Android, Windows Phone and iOS.

BitTorrent downloads were classified as follows: 4.7 million downloads for its Remote apps; 3.8 million downloads for its uTorrent Android client; and 1.5 million downloads for its BitTorrent Android client.

The uTorrent Android client was released just 90 days ago. BitTorrent’s Android clients require no desktop or laptop desktop computer at all to download files.

The full Torrent clients aren’t available for iOS and Windows Phone. BitTorrent hasn’t announced if it will be available in the future. Almost all Android users are satisfied with its performance on its phones — 75 percent of users surveyed recommend it.

BitTorrent thanked its users on its website: “10 million and more thanks to all of you who’ve helped us build better mobile apps. And 10 million and more thanks to all of you who’ve tested, tried, and shared our products.”

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