Utah State’s Danny Berger listed as stable after cardiac arrest

Fitzgerald Cecilio – 4E Sports Reporter

Logan, UT, United States (4E Sports) – Utah State junior forward Danny Berger has been listed as stable but in critical condition two days after collapsing during practice due to cardiac arrest, according to the university’s team physician.

“Right now, Danny is awake. He has been extubated, which means that the tube that was placed to help his breathing has been removed,” said Dr. Trek Lyons.

Lyons said the player recognizes his family, his doctors and the instructions they’re giving him, which are good signs of progress.

“The fact that he’s in that position now clearly indicates medically that he is improving and doing much better,” Lyons said.

While his condition has not officially been upgraded, the 22-year-old Berger is scheduled to undergo more tests to determine the cause of his cardiac arrest.

Berger was in a middle of a practice for Wednesday’s game against BYU when he went into cardiac arrest and collapsed into teammate Kyisean Reed’s arms.

Luckily, trainer Mike Williams was there to save Berger’s life.

After assessing that Berger wasn’t breathing and had no pulse, Williams immediately performed CPR and sent someone to retrieve an AED, which is used to shock the heart, and directed another to call for an ambulance.

“During CPR, the defibrillator was brought down within a minute or two of his collapse,” said Lyons. “The AED was placed on him. He detected that he had gone into full cardiac arrest. “

Williams also went to the football office and retrieved Berger’s medical information and drove to the emergency room so doctors would have as much information as possible when treating the player.

Lyons praised Williams’ vigilance before and during the incident. He said Williams always made sure that batteries on all of the AED’s in the athletic department were working and put them courtside during games.

“I think you can tell in my response of what I think of Mike Williams and how much trust all of us have in him,” Lyons said.

Berger’s family also thanked Williams for saving the player’s life.

“He saved my brother’s life, and I thank God for him,” Berger’s brother John said in a news conference.

Berger is averaging 7.6 points and 3.6 rebounds as a starter in his second season with the Aggies.

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