Dept. of Children, Families warns Vermont families against imposters

Raquel Erhard – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Montpelier, VT, United States (4E) – Authorities issued a warning in Vermont that several individuals have been impersonating workers from the Department of Children and Families.

According to police, reports have been received of people visiting homes in Vermont claiming to be working for the DCF or Human Services who are supposedly investigating complaints of child abuse.

Police stated the imposters even examined children in some cases.

Karen Shea, DCF Child Protection & Field Operations director said it is a series of unusual circumstances.

Police revealed the imposters, who could come alone or in group, appeared at homes in St. Johnsbury, Lyndonville and just last Monday, in Sunderland.

DCF said those visited families were not under investigation by the agency.

Authorities added that if someone knocked on your door and claimed they’re from DCF, always ask for ID as they would always have their badges with them. If they want to take custody of your child, they need to show a court order, however, if you are still dubious, call 911.

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