U.S. keeps bid to exempt Internet from UN regulation

Windsor Genova – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (4E) – The head of the American delegation to the ongoing World Conference on International Communications (WCIT) in Dubai denied on Wednesday reports that the joint proposal of the U.S. and Canada to keep the Internet out of the control of the United Stations failed to get support from other countries.

Kramer said the report is inaccurate as the joint proposal is still up for discussion at the treaty conference.

Kramer said the U.S. is pushing to keep the scope of the international telecommunications treaty unrevised and still cover only telecommunications companies instead of expanding it to include Web content and search providers.

The 11-day conference has yet to produce a resolution as various proposals, including Internet governance, are still being discussed and debated by delegates. If ever a resolution or regulation that goes against the U.S. delegation’s recommendations is adopted, the U.S. can opt not to implement it.

Conference organizer International Telecommunications Union had indicated it will not regulate the Internet.

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