LT Supers Confronted about Novey Recycling Complaint

CLEARFIELD – Resident Ben Timko revived his issues with Novey Recycling and confronted the Lawrence Township Board of Supervisors about the ongoing debate that Timko sparked back in August when he alleged the recycling company had been violating township code.

At Tuesday night’s meeting, Timko alleged to the supervisors that a waterline supplying his property had been backfilled over by Novey Recycling. According to him, the Clearfield Municipal Authority has sent two letters to Novey Recycling and is considering shutting off the water at Martin Street, while it’s potentially unsafe.

Mike Boal of Novey Recycling acknowledged contact by the CMA. He said that he will address the issue; at the same time, he said he’s been addressing each alleged issue in order. Boal said he’s currently addressing the requested amendment to allow scrap piles to climb higher than the current limit of eight feet in order to reduce the spread across the property. Boal listed items he has completed, including

  • planting of a row of trees;
  • removing some trailers; and
  • moving some scrap piles 400 feet from where they had been located for a century.

“I hope you don’t think you’re holding [Timko] hostage by making one move at a time,” said Supervisor Glenn Johnston.

“If I did, I would have done it several moves ago,” said Boal.

Timko told the supervisors that CNB has $800,000 invested in his development and may become involved if things continue at the current rate.

“It is not my job to be here when the codes are clearly listed,” said Timko.

“We do emphasize with each of your positions, and we are working to do this correctly,” said Johnston.


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3 thoughts on “LT Supers Confronted about Novey Recycling Complaint

  1. justice4all

    I have never done any business with Novey nor do I know Mr Timko but one thing I do know is that when you come down off of Rockton mountian into clearfield that it use to be a pretty scene off to the right with the rolling hills and fall colors, but now when you look over into the scenery right dead smack in the middle of it is a bunch of junk cars.
    I wonder how 45 foot tall piles of junk will make the scenery look?
    and if there is so much money in junk then why don’t they haul it away and make money as fast as people haul it through clearfield to get there?

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