Little progress made at ongoing Doha talks

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Doha, Qatar (4E) – Negotiations are ongoing at the global climate change talks in Doha, Qatar but agreements are yet to be reached.

However , negotiators are hopeful that although agreements are being reached slowly, the arrival of ministers from around the world this week a clearer consensus to curb global warming could happen.

Brazil, India, China and South Africa have called on the European Union to make more efforts to deal with climate change.

However, reports said that the EU is not keen on raising its existing goal of reducing its greenhouse emissions by 20 percent by 2020, even though it has already achieved 17.6 per cent.

The Doha talks will also review the mechanism rules and procedures that countries that are not parties to Kyoto Protocol or are not participating in the second commitment period should not partake from the protocol’s clean development mechanism.

This item was raised by the G-77- a group of developing economies and China.

The talks has also failed to tackle yet the issues on intellectual property rights that are related to green technology and ways to ensure developed countries’ financing commitments are followed.

Developing countries have submitted a proposal for a mid-term financing target for 2015. Developed countries have pledged that the US$100 billion a year in climate financing to provide by 2020 in climate financing.

This issue is important especially to the developing countries which need financial support from developed countries.

The developing countries issue is that the developed countries should honor its funding pledge.


A recent World Bank report released in November warned that, if the global community fails to act on climate change, world temperatures will be 4 C hotter on average by the end of the century.

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