Brooke Burke-Charvet thanks fans for support before thyroid surgery

Paula David – Fourth Estate Cooperative Reporter

Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Dancing with the Stars host Brooke Burke- Charvet has expressed her gratitude to all those who support her regarding her scheduled thyroid surgery this week.

Following a huge bulk of well wishes, the former E! host wrote on her Twitter page, “Taking some time to read all your tweets. Thank you so very much for all the love & prayers & positivity. I’m feeling strong. Xoxo”

On her Facebook page, Burke wrote, “I am touched and appreciative to all of you for sharing your positive wishes for my surgery, and for sharing many of your personal thyroid experiences. I really do read your comments and they all mean a lot to me. I’m getting ready this week for my surgery and am planning on a speedy recovery.”

She continued, “”I’ll be posting some new blogs on about how I’ve been dealing with it all and how my family has been handling it too. What a crazy time, but I am surrounded with love and support and that really makes a world of difference. Thank you for following me and for all your thoughts and prayers. I feel it, truly, and your energy outweighs my stress! From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

The 41-year old mother of four tweeted Monday about her impending surgery saying, “count down 2 my surgery now… I’m going nuts thinking about laying around 4 my recovery. Not good at that! grateful every day for my health.”

The TV personality announced her thyroid condition in November via a video, saying, “I’m going to have a nice big scar right here across my neck. I don’t get to just walk around and pretend like nothing happened or not follow up or not share it, because it’s going to be pretty much dead center. I don’t want anybody to read about it and get the wrong idea, or think that I’m sick, because I’m not.”

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