Sayers, DellAntonio Accepted into Clearfield County Bar Association

Pictured, from left to right, are: Clearfield County President Judge Fredric J. Ammerman; Laura Ann DellAntonio; Ryan Phillip Sayers; and Judge Paul E. Cherry. (Jessica Shirey)

CLEARFIELD – Two, new local attorneys – Ryan Phillip Sayers and Laura Ann DellAntonio – were welcomed into the Clearfield County Bar Association on Friday afternoon in courtroom No. 1 at the Clearfield County Courthouse.

James A. Naddeo, Esq. of Naddeo and Lewis LLC petitioned the court for Sayers’ acceptance into the local bar association. Clearfield County Judge Paul E. Cherry petitioned the court for DellAntonio’s acceptance.

“Earlier today I thought the only time we have folks come before us and then have everyone walk out happy is for adoptions and marriages,” said Clearfield County President Judge Fredric J. Ammerman. “But I think we can also include swearing in new, young people into our local bar.”

Sayers earned his Bachelor’s degree from Washington and Jefferson College. He completed his law studies at the Duquesne University, earning his Juris Doctor on June 3. Sayers has satisfactory completed the bar examination. Sayers is currently working for Naddeo and Lewis LLC.

“He’ll certainly add to the prestige of the local bar. When people ask me about when I’m going to retire, I will because we have these guys who are younger and smarter,” said Naddeo.

DellAntonio earned her Bachelor’s degree from Westminster College. She completed her law studies at the Ohio Northern University, Claude W. Pettit College of Law. She earned her Juris Doctor on May 20 and satisfactory completed the bar examination in July.

After Cherry presented DellAntonio for acceptance, Ammerman noted DellAntonio obviously thought very highly of Cherry, as she asked him to petition the court for her. For that reason, Ammerman asked Cherry to handle DellAntonio’s swearing in ceremony.  Both Ammerman and Cherry agreed that DellAntonio would continue to serve them well as their law clerk.

Cherry welcomed both Sayers and DellAntonio into the Clearfield County Bar Association before the ceremony. He was confident both candidates would maintain excellence in applying their knowledge of the law. He looked forward to working with both Sayers and DellAntonio.

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