Corbett Signs Law Modernizing Library Code

EXTON – Gov. Tom Corbett has ceremonially signed into law changes that will modernize the state’s Library Code, also known as Senate Bill 1225.

“Technology is changing, the ways we learn are advancing and our libraries, as repositories of knowledge, need to keep up,” Corbett said before signing the bill at the Chester County Public Library.

The new law will help all of Pennsylvania’s libraries by eliminating outdated mandates, updating requirements as they relate to staffing, collections, facilities and accessibility, Corbett said.

“It was drafted based on input from librarians across the state – the people who know best what their customers want,” Corbett said.

Corbett thanked Sen. Dominic Pileggi (R-Chester), who sponsored the legislation, and “our public librarians, the custodians of our collected knowledge, who are always willing to help our citizens as they have been doing since the first free public library in Pennsylvania opened its doors more than 250 years ago.”

The updated Library Code will also establish continuing education requirements for librarians, include more librarians on the Advisory Council on Library Development, and require a complete review of all regulations that apply to our libraries.

The legislation, now known as Act 210 of 2012, was signed into law on Nov. 1 and became effective immediately.

Also joining the governor at the bill signing today was Stacey A. Aldrich who was named the state librarian earlier this month. Aldrich, who most recently served as California’s state librarian, is originally from Pennsylvania and earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Pittsburgh.

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