Seahawks corner Sherman denies drug use, to appeal suspension

Fitzgerald Cecilio – 4E Sports Reporter

Seattle, WA, United States (4E Sports) – Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman vehemently denied that he took banned prescription pills Adderall, saying he will contest the four-game suspension imposed by the league.

“Something I have never done,” Sherman said, referring to the usage of Adderall, adding that he has not taken anything that would merit suspension under NFL rules for performance-enhancing drugs.

Adderall is a drug typically prescribed to patients suffering from attention deficit disorder.

Sherman and fellow starting cornerback Brandon Browner were notified by the league that they tested positive for Adderall without a prescription, which would lead to a four-game suspension.

The NFL, however, does allow players to take medication that could include banned substances like Adderall if it is prescribed by a doctor and approved by the NFL.

Sherman and Browner, arguably the top cornerback tandem in the NFL, played in the Seahawks’ 24-21 loss to the Miami Dolphins Sunday, and each still can play until the appeals process is complete.

Both players have stated their intent to appeal but no date for the appeal hearing has been set.

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