Samsung sold 5 million Galaxy Note 2 units in first 60 days

Jeremiah Yap – Fourth Estate Cooperative Writer

Seoul, South Korea (4E) – Samsung has already sold 5 million Galaxy Note 2 units worldwide in a span of just two months. When it was released, Samsung managed to sell 3 million units of the Galaxy Note 2 in its first thirty days.

At its current pace the Galaxy Note 2 is on track to sell more than its predecessor. The first version of the Galaxy Note needed three months to reach 3 million sales.

Analysts have predicted that the Galaxy Note can sell an estimated 20 million units just as long as it maintains its current pace and because it has partnerships with more than 250 phone carriers globally. The first Galaxy Note has so far sold 10 million units within a span of 9 months.

Despite strong sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Note line, it still hasn’t sold the kind of figures the Galaxy S III is showing. The Galaxy S III has already surpassed the 20 million mark within its first 100 days of its release.

The Galaxy S III has also outsold Apple’s iPhone 5 in the third quarter, according to research and analytics firm Strategy Analytics.

The success of the Galaxy Note 2 has caught the attention of Apple and the Cupertino-based company added the Note 2 to its patent suit against Samsung. The trial is set to take place two years from now.

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