Police Report: Clearfield Borough

  • A noise complaint occurred in East End and upon police arrival, the resident agreed to cease the noise.
  • A noise complaint occurred along East Locust Street. The residents told police it could have been their friends creating the noise.
  • A noise complaint occurred at the Oak Stone Apartments.  It was discovered that the Oak Stone Apartments were in Clearfield, Utah.  The complainant was advised to call her local police department.
  • A parking complaint occurred at a local business.  A parking ticket was issued for parking on Private Property.
  • An incident of criminal mischief occurred along Ulrich Avenue, where three tires were slashed on a vehicle.
  • An incident of burglary occurred on South Second Street. The investigation is continuing at this time.
  • Police responded to an active alarm at a local business.  Upon police arrival, it was discovered to be a false alarm.
  • A possible gunshot was reported in East End.  Police searched the area; however, they were unable to locate any persons of interest.
Police Report: DuBois City
Police Report: Clearfield Borough

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