Doctors declare ex-Puerto Rican boxer Hector Camacho ‘brain dead’

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San Juan, Puerto Rico (4E) – The doctors treating Puerto Rican former boxer Hector “Macho” Camacho have declared him as brain dead after he went into deep coma following a gun shot on his head outside capital San Juan earlier this week.

Talking to reporters, Dr Ernesto Torres, who is also the director at the hospital, said that his brain studies show irregular and intermittent activity, adding he is totally unresponsive. “We have done all we can do,” Dr Torres said.

Camacho, who fought against some of great boxers like Oscar de la Hoya, Sugar Ray Leonard and Felix Trinidad, also suffered a heart attack after the shooting incident.

The doctor said that the bullet that went into his head had damaged three of his arteries, which through the neck, causing a blockage in the blood flow towards his brain.

The attack happened on Tuesday while he was sitting in his car outside a bar with his friend Adrian Mojica Moreno, who died immediately after the attack. Police is investigating the matter but could not yet find any motives for the shooting.

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