U.S. Navy recalls aircraft carrier in Persian Gulf for repair

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Norfolk, VA, United States (4E) – The U.S. Navy is recalling one of two aircraft carriers stationed in the Persian Gulf for repair.

The USS Dwight D. Eisenhower will be home for Christmas in Norfolk, Virginia to repair its flight deck and return to the gulf after two months.

The U.S. military requires at least two aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf but the recall of the Eisenhower leaves only the USS John C. Stennis in the region.

The USS Nimitz is supposed to relieve the Eisenhower early next year but the repair of its propulsion system in Everett, Washington is not yet finished and may be deployed to the Persian Gulf in spring next year instead.

The Navy plans to deploy the USS Harry S. Truman as the Stennis’ backup early next year.

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