Ed Reed suspension overturned but gets $50K fine

Cesar Tordesillas – 4E Sports Contributor

United States (4E Sports) – The NFL reversed Ed Reed’s one game suspension for hitting a defenseless player a third time in three years.

NFL hearing officer Ted Cottrell ruled on an expediated appeal to reverse the suspension but would fine Reed $50,000.

Cottrell determined Reed’s hit on Steelers’ Emmanuel Sanders egregious enough for a fine but not for a one-game suspension without pay.

“I hope in the future you will focus on ensuring that your play conforms to the rules,” he notified Reed.

Ed Reed isn’t happy that he still has to pay a $50,000 fine.

“It really needs to be discussed for a fine to come down like that so harshly for that hit,” said Reed.

He was also displeased of the league’s attempt to suspend him, alleging a past pattern on illegal hits, saying it will result in being viewed as a dirty player.

“Over my career and for them to go back to 2010 for me scratching Drew Brees on the head, even the one that happened in Week 2 with Michael Vick, c’mon, man. I’m going for the ball. It’s a contact sport,” he said.

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