US wants Malaysia to extradite Iranian for illegally exporting antennas

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Washington, United States (4E) – The United States on Tuesday asked Malaysia to extradite an Iranian national alleged for illegally exporting U.S.-made military antennas to the Islamic Republic.

The Malaysian authorities arrested Amin Ravan last month on a provisional US warrant. If convicted, Ravan will have to face 35-year in prison for violating export controls, conspiracy and smuggling.

With the aim to export 55 military antennas to Iran to mock U.S. sanctions, Ravan and his company IC Market Iran (IMI) illegally shipped the items to Singapore and Hong Kong between July and September 2007.

“The antennas sought by Ravan were cavity-backed spiral antennas suitable for airborne or shipboard direction finding systems or radar warning receiver applications, as well as biconical antennas that are suitable for airborne and shipboard environments, including in several military aircraft,” a Justice Department statement said.

The U.S. is also seeking extradition of two other co-conspirators, who have been arrested in Singapore last year.

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