Samsung may unveil first eight-core chip early next year

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Seoul, South Korea (4E) – Korean electronics conglomerate Samsung is reported to be working on the latest processor technology in preparation for the International Solid-State Circuits Conference three months from now.

According to EE Times, Samsung will reveal a processor featuring two quad-core clusters. In other words, Samsung will double today’s processor power and unveil an eight-core processor.

“One cluster runs at 1. 8 GHz, has a 2 MByte L2 cache and is geared for high performance apps; the other runs at 1.2 GHz and is tuned for energy efficiency,” the EE Times reported.

The processor will use ARM’s big.little technology and will be similar to the mobile chipset used by Nvidia’s Tegra 3.

The concept of an eight-core processor certainly entertains a myriad of possibilities for smartphones and other mobile devices. But it isn’t sure yet when we’ll see Samsung’s latest processor chip in a smartphone or tablet.

Tech Radar is speculating we may see the eight-core processor chip in a mobile device sooner rather than later.

“It may be cutting it fine to see the eight-core processor land in the Samsung Galaxy S4, due to launch towards the middle of 2013, with some suggesting its more likely to feature in a tablet first,” Tech Radar wrote on its website.

If the reports are indeed true, Samsung will once again dominate the global smartphone market.

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