U.S. freezes Hezbollah commander’s assets after his release in Iraq

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Washington, United States (4E) – The United States on Monday slapped sanctions on Ali Mussa Daqduq al-Musawi, a senior commander of Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, for plotting and carrying out several attacks on the U.S. troops stationed in Iraq.

The Treasury Department held al-Musawi responsible for the attacks in which five U.S. soldiers killed in 2007. The sanctions came just two days after Iraq released the commander – a move extremely disappointed the U.S. as it pledged to bring him to justice.

Iraqi government on Friday found that it was not legal to hold him any longer. The sanctions will freeze all al-Musawi’s assets under U. S. jurisdiction and bar American businessmen from having any kind of transactions with him.

“Ali Mussa Daqduq al-Musawi is a dangerous Hezbollah operative responsible for planning and carrying out numerous acts of terrorism in Iraq,” said Under Treasury Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence David Cohen in a statement.

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