NY Murder Suspect Apprehended in Clearfield

CLEARFIELD – A 49-year-old Phoenix, NY man, Larry N. Frank, who has been accused of murder, was apprehended Monday in Clearfield by the Lawrence Township Police Department.

Police were contacted by the Onondaga County, NY Sheriff’s Office at approximately 5:27 p.m. regarding the suspect’s location. Detectives advised police they had monitored Frank’s movements through his financial transactions. Additionally, the suspect had just initiated a transaction at a retail store along state Route 879, Clearfield.

Police proceeded to the store and located Frank’s vehicle based upon the description provided by detectives. He was subsequently apprehended outside of his vehicle without incident. Police also seized a loaded handgun from inside Frank’s vehicle, which they impounded.

Police notified the Onondaga Sheriff’s Department that Frank had been apprehended; detectives arrived in Clearfield to interview the suspect. Frank was transported to the Lawrence Township police station, where he confessed to murdering a 53-year-old New York woman.

Police received a warrant for Frank from the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office. Frank was arraigned before Magisterial District Judge Richard Ireland as a fugitive from justice.  Frank was housed in the Clearfield County Jail for murder, which is not a bail-eligible charge.

Police are still conducting their investigation into the firearm that Frank had in his possession.

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