LTE: Israel Will Strike Iran

According to various intelligence agencies, Iran could have nuclear armaments ready for use against Israel by early 2013.  The devices could be nuclear bombs, or more likely, nuclear warheads on missiles.

Diplomacy by the United States and Western countries has been given a chance, but it has not worked to deter Iran’s nuclear program, and Iran continues to develop its nuclear weapons.

Israel cannot allow Iran, and its irrational leadership, to have nuclear weapons because two or three nuclear detonations could wipe out Israel.  Therefore, Israel must strike Iran with a multi-pronged attack, and it will only have one opportunity to neutralize the Iranian nuclear threat.

Israel’s military will have to be on general alert for an Iranian counter strike using conventional weapons.  It is doubtful any of the other countries in the Middle East will come to Iran’s aid.

Israel cannot count on the Obama administration to come to its aid.  President Obama erroneously believes sanctions will work to halt Iran’s nuclear armaments program, and at the same time he warns Israel not to strike Iran.  Obama, with his coddling of Arab countries, is not a friend of Israel.

Israel’s survival depends on military action against Iran.


Donald A. Moskowitz

Londonderry, NH

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9 thoughts on “LTE: Israel Will Strike Iran

  1. nativeson

    In truth, we don’t entirely disagree. Like you, I believe that extremists of all kinds (including Christian Fundamentalists) are a huge threat to world stability, and that any sovereign nation has the right to defend herself. It’s the over-reaction of Israel where we part company.

    Meanwhile, here’s a satire that may test your sense of humor.

    No surprise that I think it’s hilarious with quite a few elements of “truth.”


    • Dieselrider

      Sometimes the only way to get someones attention is to over react.Had the Israelies just stuck to diplomacy and “asked nicely” for the missles to stop, do you really think they would have?

  2. nativeson

    Good morning, Mr. Dieselrider,

    May I ask if you were serious when posting this?

    “They (the Israelis) have the capabilities to totally eliminate the threat from Gaza and have shown great restraint in not driving Hamas and the Palestinians (sic) into the Mediteranian (sic) ocean (sic).”

    Such a hideous idea seems eerily similar to that of Adolph Hitler’s “Final Solution.”

    • Dieselrider

      My point exactly. They didn’t and yet could have. The terrorists known as Hamas have been hiding behind children and randomly launching missles into Israel and yet you stand with those terrorists yourself by your own words.

        • Dieselrider

          So, if someone is shooting at your home, you would do nothing? Show the photos of the missles hitting Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

          The Israelies are at least attempting to target Hamas (the government entity responsible for the missle attacks in the first place), The Islamic extremists are just randomly firing in an outright attempt to kill any and all Israelies.

          You only want to see one side. That is your choice. However, there are two sides and even if the Islamists were to erradicate Israel, they would not have peace as they would then fight each other as they have done for thousands of years.

  3. nativeson

    Such an idiotic attack is guaranteed to rally Iranians around its extremist government. Ironic, because the majority of Iranians have become sharply critical, especially of its president.

    Mostly because the sanctions are working, creating intolerable inflation.

    As for Obama’s not being a friend of Israel? Nonsense. Israel’s leaders have publicly stated that his administration has offered the strongest support, ever, going back over the past 2 decades.

    Meanwhile, Israel has made more than 1,200 bombing raids on Gaza. (Whose population is composed of 50% children.)

    It’s clear that warmongoring Israel is the biggest threat to peace in the Middle East.

    • morcho

      Israel isn’t the problem. In war people die but I know that there are those who have the belief that children are not people and therefore shouldn’t die. If as it were said that Gaza is 50% children why aren’t they (adults) held responsible to keep them safe by obeying the rules? Israel is fighting not for a bigger piece of the pie not even a homeland but for their existence, yes the right to exist. This is a war of extinction not just one of freedom. Hitler had the same idea only he used the word exterminate. My how words mean things. To even infer that Israel is the evil one in this cat and mouse game is what is idiotic. I find that the hatred of Israel is a deep seated issue in many people’s minds that don’t understand extinction or having a right to exist. This is a war of evil verses good and humans don’t fare well in that kind of police action. Something that is missed in it all is that Israel is a chosen people but not above making mistakes but the outcome is already settled.

    • Dieselrider

      Nativeson, you conveniently let out any mention of the number of missles that Hamas has launched from Gaza (using those children you mention as human shields which in itself is such a cowardly act) at and into the Cities within Israel or the damage they are causing, or the lives they are ruining.

      Such a lopsided view is exactly what I would expect from you by your previous comments on these pages.

      Israel has every right to defend itself against aggression by other countries. They didn’t start the aggression and they do have every right to put an end to it. They have the capabilities to totally eliminate the threat from Gaza and have shown great restraint in not driving Hamas and the Palestinians into the Mediteranian ocean. You should really get a grip on just what is going on before spouting off.

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