Father, two children arrested in multiple bank robberies

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Fort Bend, TX, United States (4E) – A 50-year-old father and his two adult children, who allegedly robbed several banks in two states while disguised as blue-collar workers, have been taken into custody.

According to officials, Ronald Catt and his children, 20-year-old son Hayden and 18-year-old daughter Abby, have been detained November 9 after being linked to the October 1 armed burglary in a Katy, Texas credit union.

The father and son have also been accused of another Texas bank robbery, in Harris County, that happened in August and the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s office acknowledged the possibility that they also robbed five banks in their home state of Oregon.

The three suspects have been booked in Texas’ Fort Bend County Jail.

Before their arrests, authorities claimed the father and son were seen in disguise, in a surveillance video dated October 1, in and around the 1st Community Credit Union in Katy.

In the video, the younger man has a fake mustache and an older one had a painter’s mask, both were wearing dark sunglasses, hats and a bright orange traffic vests with an “X” on the back. The daughter was reportedly the driver of the getaway car.

Other images made available to the media displayed the two suspects pointing their weapons inside the bank and taking cash out of a vault.

Detectives discovered the distinctive orange vests in a nearby Home Depot.

After a follow-up operation in another Home Depot located around Katy, the police confirmed through the store’s security camera that Hayden and Abby purchased the workers’ vests and images of the father buying a painter’s mask were also found.

Ronald and Hayden Scott Catt were ordered held on $140,000 bail while Abigail Catt’s bond was set at $100,000.

Officials said they informed the Oregon authorities after questioning the suspects because they believe the suspects may be connected to five bank robbery cases in the Portland area.

The family moved to Texas last summer and a family friend told ABC News that he was a devoted, single father to his children. Hayden and Abby were honor students at McMinnville high school and were with the swim team.

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