California burglar leaves car, evidence at scene of crime

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Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – Authorities are searching for a 25-year-old man whose bungling attempt to burglarize a California home a few days ago left behind his car, clues and photos of himself.

According to Lt. Paul Vernon, Miguel Luna forced his way inside the house by kicking in the front door of a home along Sharp Avenue in Arleta on November 13 and started to rummage a bedroom, not knowing that someone was sleeping in another room.

Vernon added that the burglar’s noise awakened the owner who confronted him.

In a press release, police said Luna then begged the owner not to call police and ran out to his car, which would not start.

The suspect then returned to the house, begging the residents not to call the police, but the homeowner chased him out of the house and knocked him unconscious with a gardening hoe while his wife called police.

Luna recovered shortly after being hit and walked away. He left his 1989 Honda in the victim’s driveway that is filled with his own property and possibly stolen articles from other homes, said police

It was reported that an iPad with Luna’s photographs on it and a traffic ticket bearing his name were also found.

The attempted break-in was documented by the home’s surveillance system.

Vernon stated that this crime scene was really a study in how to get caught because “every manner of evidence was present: video surveillance, blood DNA from the hoe, pictures on the iPad, footprint on the door, a traffic citation with signature, a car, finger prints, and eyewitness identification.”

Anyone with information on Luna’s whereabouts is urged to contact the Los Angeles Police Department at (818) 838-9866.

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