Gant “Expert” Challenge – Week 11

11/16-11/19 Games Jay Siegel Dave Glass Chris Morelli Rusty McCracken Dustin Parks
Univ. Prep-Clearfield Clearfield Clearfield Clearfield Clearfield Univ. Prep
Dubois-State College DuBois St College State College State College St College
Bishop Guil-Bellwood Bellwood Bishop Guil Bellwood Bellwood Bellwood
Iowa-Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan
Texas Tech-Ok. State Ok State Ok State Ok State OK State Ok. State
Duke-Ga. Tech Ga Tech Ga Tech Ga Tech Ga. Tech Ga. Tech
Stanford-Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon
Ravens-Steelers Ravens Ravens Ravens Ravens Steelers
Packers-Lions Packers Lions Packers Packers Packers
Eagles-Redskins Redskins Eagles Eagles Eagles Redskins
Bears-49ers 49ers 49ers Bears Bears 49ers
Last Week 8-4 8-4 8-4 8-4 6-6
Year-to-date 87-33 85-35 85-35 84-36 77-43


The Last Word

Dustin: “I just can’t catch a break in the challenge this year. I’m falling farther behind to the point I need a straw pool to make my picks. But I’ve gotta try something, so gonna have to go with my gut. Clearfield has faced some tough tests this year, but I think facing someone from the Pittsburgh City League will be definitely tough. University Prep’s quarterback threw for a PIAA playoff record 462 yards last week against Somerset, and I have a feeling it’s going to be difficult for Clearfield to get past that kind of passing attack. Sorry Bison faithful, just a gut feeling I have. Most intriguing games to me as well are Ravens-Steelers, due to wondering if Ben is a go this week, and then also Eagles-Redskins, since it looks like Vick is out for a while.”

Rusty: “My coin looks more like a slug from all the flipping I did this week. I’m looking for the Bison to wear down Univ. Prep to stay unbeaten. The Little Lions will prevail in a tough game with the Beavers, and BA dumps BG in a nail-biter. I looked at my college and pro picks, and it seems I favored the home squads in the Saturday games and the visitors in the Sunday match-ups. Leftwich may play better after a week of practice, but the Ravens don’t need to adjust anything.”

Chris:  “I like Clearfield to continue its perfect season against University Prep. Although University Prep plays a more difficult schedule, I think the Bison eke out a win. State College is peaking at the right time and will upset the Beavers. The Steelers will find out that life without Big Ben is not pleasant. With their franchise QB, I liked their chances against the Ravens. However, with Byron Leftwich at the helm, the Steelers don’t have a chance. It was fun while it lasted, but the Steelers’ season is over. Yes, Roethlisberger is THAT valuable.”

Dave: “Clearfield faces a very difficult challenge defensively, but I also think that the Bison offense is the best that Prep has seen yet – Clearfield in a very close, exciting game. State College has played a MUCH tougher schedule and is primed for the postseason – as for Guilfoyle, just playing a hunch. Oregon needs to put up 40 points as usual to win, because their defense is just plain bad – but it never seems to matter with their ‘blur’ offense. Finally, I can’t see the Steelers winning without Ben and without Antonio Brown. How many major injuries can a team endure before it collapses? I think this team is on that precipice.”

Jay: “I think the Bisons (yeah, I know, but spelling it wrong on the turf doesn’t make it so) have at least one more win in them – but it won’t be easy. DuBois’ easy schedule (as compared to SC) may come back and bite them here. Just rolling with most of the favs in college and pros.”

District 5-6-8-9 Final: University Prep Wildcats (6-3) vs. Clearfield Bison (11-0)
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