CBHR Program to Assist in Rehabilitating Homes

CLEARFIELD – The Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) recently awarded Clearfield Borough with a HOME Rehabilitation grant. Through collaboration with Central Pennsylvania Community Action (CPCA), this grant will assist homeowners in targeted portions of East End and West Side. 

With the Clearfield Borough HOME Rehabilitation (CBHR) program, the borough’s objectives are to preserve the existing housing stock in the project area, reduce blighting influence, which discourages community growth and encourages community reinvestment, correct safety hazards and code compliant issues to bring homes into code compliance while providing safe and adequate housing for very low income homeowners and reverse declining property values.

On behalf of Clearfield Borough, CPCA proposes to rehabilitate approximately 25 owner-occupied homes of very low-income or low to moderate income households. The CBHR project will enable the borough to provide grants that will target the rehabilitation of houses for very low-income families including elderly, mentally and physically challenged individuals.   

Eighty percent of the 25 homes served, or 20 homes, are occupied by very low-income families, as per Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is households earning less than 50 percent of the county’s median family income. 

A family of four would earn less than $27,800.  The remaining 20 percent, or five homes, may assist families with low to moderate income earning between 50 percent and 80 percent of the county’s median family income, or $44,500, for a family of four. 

The targeted areas include Census Tract 3311, Block Group #1.  This covers the area of East End from Bigler Avenue to East 14th Street up to Cemetery Road to Pine Street until North Fourth Street, north to Temple Avenue then back to Bigler Avenue. 

Also covered is Census Tract 3312, Block Groups #2 and #3. These Block Groups cover West Cherry Street to West Front Street over to Merrill Street, across Park to Nichols Street and includes residents south of Nichols to West Cherry Street. 

Eligible properties are those units that can be classified as single-unit owner-occupied homes of income-eligible families, including manufactured homes permanently placed on owner’s lot.  Renter-occupied units are not eligible. 

Special cases may arise where a qualifying owner occupies only a portion of the home and rents out or uses the remainder of their home for non-residential use.  In cases as this, generally, only the owner-occupied portion is eligible. The owner of the property must be current with all liabilities owed to the county, school district and municipality, such as taxes, sewage and water. 

The DCED Housing Rehabilitation Guidelines will be used as the minimum standards.

The following are improvements that will be addressed: Sanitary Facilities, Plumbing, Water Supply, Heating, Illumination and Electricity, Structural Soundness (roofs, foundation, walls, ceilings, steps, etc.), Adequate Food Preparation Facilities and Storage Area, Sanitary Conditions, Lead-Based Paint, Adequate Space and Security, Interior Air Quality and Energy Conservation.

A representative from CPCA and Clearfield Borough will hold an informational public meeting at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 28 at the Clearfield Borough Building, 6 S. Front St., Clearfield.

For more information on the CBHR program or to apply, please contact Janet at CPCA at 765-1551. 


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