Android is most used mobile OS in China

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Amsterdam, Netherlands (4E) – Google’s Android is the most used mobile operating system in China, according to market research firm Analysys International. The firm gathered data from smartphone sales to determine its conclusion.

Android has captured 90 percent of the smartphone market share in Q3. During the same period last year it only held a 31.8 percent market share. Last quarter 83 percent of China’s smartphone market ran Google’s popular mobile operating system. It has steadily increased over quarters.

“With Android taking over almost the whole market in China, the country is becoming a stronghold for the platform. Google. however, is unable to properly capitalize on its growing user base there, as many of its services are blocked or constricted,” The Next Web reported.

Apple’s iOS dropped by 1.8 percent from 6 to 4.2. The number is low for Apple because the latest iPhone model isn’t officially available in China. Also, this figure doesn’t include iPhone units purchased from the grey market.

Unfortunately for Nokia’s Symbian OS, its smartphone market share has dwindled from 6 percent to 2.4 percent. Before Android and Apple dominated the Chinese smartphone market, Nokia was the most run operating system for mobile devices. Nokia will no longer be using the Symbian OS because it plans to use Microsoft’s Windows Phone Mobile.

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