Man arrested for attack on Florida electrical worker helping New York Sandy victims

Raquel Erhard – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Long Island, NY, United States (4E) – A 34-year-old man from Long Island, New York has been detained for severely beating a Florida electrical worker who travelled to New York to help restore power to an area devastated by Superstorm Sandy.

Police said Thomas Libretto, who was arrested at his Long Island home four days after the attack on 34-year-old John Applewhite, asserted that he is the real victim.

Libretto said he and his girlfriend wanted to celebrate the restoration of power with dinner at Texas Roadhouse in East Meadow, Long Island on Friday.

But the restaurant cannot accommodate them so they left and was driving out of the parking lot when they witnessed Applewhite allegedly urinating in public.

According to Applewood, Libretto got out of his black BMW and punched Applewhite in the face, breaking his nose, jaw and cheekbone. Applewhite’s coworker, John Barefoot, who tried to subdue the fight, was bitten by Libretto.

Libretto contradicted the lineman’s version, revealing that Applewood kicked his car and he got out to check for damage. His girlfriend, Victoria Fasullo, supported his story, saying Applewood and his buddies pounced on him.

The victim was flown back to Florida with serious injuries and is recovering from surgery at Lakeland Regional Medical Center.

Applewood was in New York with 24 coworkers from the Lakeland Electric to help restore power in the area.

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