Nature Abounds Receives Grant

The environment in Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York recently received a boost when Nature Abounds was awarded a grant from Freshwater Future. 

The grant is to engage trained volunteers in informing local officials and the public about climate change and adaptation in the Lake Erie Watershed basin.

Freshwater Future builds the environmental community in the Great Lakes region to protect and restore the water quality of the Great Lakes basin. They work toward this goal by providing financial assistance, communications and networking and technical assistance to citizens and grassroots watershed groups throughout the Great Lakes basin.

Grassroots organizations and citizen initiatives in both the United States and Canada are eligible for funding in the two annual funding cycles.

“We were so pleased to see the phenomenal efforts citizens across the Great Lakes region are expending to protect and restore their local rivers, lakes and wetlands,” said Jill Ryan, executive director of Freshwater Future. “An amazing array to protect and to restore our critical waters was presented and Nature Abounds rose to the top.”

The mission of Nature Abounds is to bring people together for a healthy planet. The grant from Freshwater Future will help accomplish this mission by allowing them to bring climate change to the forefront. The Great Lakes are just one example from around the globe that is seeing significant changes.

For more information on this project, contact the president of Nature Abounds at 814-765-1453 or at

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