Florida State’s Fisher wants coaches to rank football teams

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Tallahassee, FL, United States (4E Sports) – Seminoles head coach Jumbo Fisher complained about the computerized method college football uses to rank football teams.

“I think it stinks,” says Fisher. He insists that coaches have more of a say in the final vote instead.

Fisher made the comments after his Seminoles who have one loss ended up at 10th place in the latest BCS rankings. They were also ranked 10th by the AP Top 25. In both rankings, the Seminoles were behind six SEC teams, three with a loss, and the other three with two losses.

There are six computer polls that make up one-third of the BCS formula. The the other two are the coaches’ poll and the Harris Interactive poll. In all six, Florida State is ranked behind Clemson,which has the same record as FSU and lost to the Seminoles two months ago.

And in one, the Massey Index, Florida State is ranked behind 7-3 Texas Tech, 6-4 Vanderbilt and 5-5 Missouri.

But in the USA Today coaches’ poll, the Seminoles were ranked sixth.

The human element, Fisher says, has got to get back into the rankings. He agrees with the ranking in the USA Today poll, where the Seminoles are ranked ahead of every two-loss team in the country.

The coaches voting that way is not a coincidence, Fisher said.

“Because they’ve been there, they understand what winning is,”said Fisher, who votes in the poll himself.

Fisher said his personal top five teams were Kansas State, Oregon, Notre Dame, Florida State and Alabama.

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