Android tablets will dethrone the iPad off its tablet throne, according to analyst

Jerimiah Yap – Fourth Estate Cooperative Writer

New York, NY, United States (4E) – An analyst is predicting that Apple’s iPad will no longer be the top tablet in the marketplace. Finvista Advisors analyst Sameer Singh believes Android tablets will be the undisputed king of the tablet market place by next year.

Apple currently leads the tablet market but its lead has dwindled in the past couple of years because more and more users are purchasing Android tablets.

According to research firm IDC, Apple held 87 percent of the tablet market share two years ago. Now its share of the market has dropped dramatically to 50.4 percent.

“OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) have learnt from Amazon’s model that diversified price points would help expand the market and take share from the iPad. This has resulted in far more broad-based growth, which is not only sustainable, but should result in an accelerated ramp up of sales over the next three to four quarters,” Singh said.

Singh found out that in the last two years, shipments of Android tablets “outpaced” iPad shipments most of the financial quarters.

Singh admits that iPad sales will still experience strong sales early next year. He also believes Microsoft Windows-run tablets will have a difficult time competing against the likes of Android and Apple.

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