$41K missing after armored truck crash in North Carolina

Raquel Erhard – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Lexington, NC, United States (4E) – Authorities in North Carolina are searching for $41,000 dollars that reportedly went missing after an accident wrecked an armored truck early this week.

According to investigators, money littered the scene after a Brinks armored truck collided with another vehicle along Highway 52 in Lexington, causing the truck to roll off the road and hit an embankment before flipping over.

Police received the incident reported around 9:25, shortly after it happened.

North Carolina Highway Patrol has announced earlier that all of the truck’s money had been recovered, however, Brinks officials realized that around $41,000 were missing during an audit and informed the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office late Tuesday night.

Two Brinks personnel, 32-year-old Michael Gerringer, and 23-year-old John Baldwin were hurt in the accident. They were both transported to the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem. Gerringer, the driver, was in serious condition.

The other driver, Mayda Brotons, 47, was charged with improper lane change and an insurance/registration violation.

The Davidson County Sheriffs Office is investigating the incident.

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