New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie rejects theory he helped Obama win election

Nathan Andrada – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Trenton, NJ, United States (4E) – New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said he was disappointed with the result of the presidential election and thought it would take a longer time to determine the winner.

Christie, who strongly backed Republican nominee Mitt Romney in his presidential bid, was criticized for praising President Barack Obama during the disaster response in his state in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

The Republican governor strongly dismissed suggestions that his praise of the president’s hurricane response contributed to Romney’s loss.

His actions were also interpreted by some as a dismissal of Romney that would pave the way for his own presidential ambitions. Christie answered back by saying that he has not thought about his plans in 2016 yet as he is more focused on the rehabilitation efforts in his state.

Christie told reporters in Harvey Cedars that he is somebody who tells the truth all the time and he will not hesitate to give credit to the president of the United States when he does something good.

He noted that he was the first governor in the country to publicly endorse Romney and he had been an active surrogate for the former Massachusetts governor.

Romney conceded the presidential race to Obama early Wednesday. In his concession speech, he said that he will pray for president’s success in guiding the country.

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