Florida suspends point guard Scottie Wilbekin

Fitzgerald Cecilio – 4E Sports Reporter

Gainesville, FL, United States (4E Sports) – On the eve of their clash with Georgetown, Florida Gators coach Billy Donovan has suspended starting point guard Scottie Wilbekin for unspecified reasons.

Donovan decided to suspend Wilbekin indefinitely after he received confidential information about the point guard.

He did not divulge reasons for the suspension but simply said Wilbekin made poor choices. Donovan also did not specify how long he will be out.

“Scottie is a great kid who made some choices and did some things,” Donovan said. “How long it lasts I don’t know, but right now I felt like he didn’t need to be here.”

Donovan added that as of now, Wilbekin’s troubles will not lead to any legal issue or problems with the NCAA.

The coach is hoping that Wilbekin will learn and grow from this and will emerge as a better person.

“Like anything else, when you’re dealing with anybody, none of are immune from making mistakes or making poor choices and doing things,” Donovan added.

In place of Wilbekin, Donovan will use shooting guard Kenny Boynton, Mike Rosario and Braxton Ogbueze against Georgetown aboard the USS Bataan Friday in Mayport.

Wilbekin, a junior, averaged 2.6 points and 1.6 assists per game last season.

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