WJAC-TV: Obama Wins PA., Extends Democratic Streak

President Barack Obama. (Photo by Andy Colwell and provided by Penn State Live)

HARRISBURG – Democratic President Barack Obama has defeated Republican nominee Mitt Romney in Pennsylvania and won the state’s 20 electoral votes.

He captures a key stepping stone to a second term in the White House and extends the state’s streak of supporting Democrats to six elections.

No Democrat has won the White House without Pennsylvania in 64 years.

Pennsylvania is a top Electoral College prize, tied with Illinois for the fifth-most votes.

Obama’s victory in Pennsylvania was his second straight, beating Republican John McCain in 2008 by 10 percentage points.

Although Pennsylvania is traditionally treated as a battleground state, the candidates nevertheless ignored it until a last-ditch blitz of TV ads and visits by Romney and his Republican allies.

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3 thoughts on “WJAC-TV: Obama Wins PA., Extends Democratic Streak

  1. Dieselrider

    Once again the only votes that get any representation in PA are the welfare and unions of the few cities of the state. All the people in the center of the state (the ones that foot the bill) have no representation at all.

    • nativeson

      Well, Dieselrider, speaking of “welfare,” have you ever checked out the huge number of Clearfield County residents availing themselves of such? (Making it onto SS “disability” roles has become a sport there – so I’ve heard.)

      Meanwhile, I’ve also heard Pennsylvania described as Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with Alabama in between. Which was certainly true in this election.

      In fact, Clearfield County was even more Alabama than Alabama itself. (Alabama went Republican by 61%; the County, 64%)

      I’m sorry, but this really puzzles me.

      Especially because the 2012 Republican platform called for radical changes in Federal government “welfare” programs that would have deeply impacted county residents who benefit from food stamps, college loans, and support for K-12 education. It also included reducing benefits for Veterans, cutting Medicaid, and Medicare, and Social Security.

      Maybe I’m guessing, but take away Federal support for Clearfield County and in no time its living standards would drop, say, to the level of Haiti.

      Why is it that this poor county that takes far more from Washington than it sends in taxes, keeps voting against its own interests?

      • Dieselrider

        Actually nativeson, all these entitlements will indeed come to an end at some point. It is fically insane to believe these things can continue forever through borrowing money from other countries. At the rate we are borrowing money to support these Social programs, it will not be long before the USA becommes a very poor risk to it’s creditors.

        Perhaps the people throughout the center of PA realize that what we as a nation are heading for is identical to what Greece is going through as a nation at this time. It is only a matter of time and without major reforms to all socialist spending in the USA we will be in the exact situation as Greece in just a few short years. Is that what you would like to see?

        Those very people in these cities will be the hardest hit by the austerity measures when they come to fruition. Those out here in the “Alabama” counties as you choose to call them, will be in a much better position to get through those times then those within the city limits.Some major reforms now might keep some of those programs you mentioned in tact for a few more years. Without the reforms most all those will become extinct when the money dries up.
        It is really those in the cities that are truly voting against their own long time interests.

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