Engineers devise plan to tie dangling crane securely to New York City building

Raquel Erhard – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

New York, NY, United States (4E) – City engineers have formulated a proposal to fix a boom of a construction crane that has been hanging over Manhattan, New York since being damaged by Hurricane Sandy last Monday.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg revealed Wednesday that engineers have determined that the crane dangling over Midtown Manhattan could be securely fastened to a high-rise building under construction.

Bloomberg added that they plan to tie the boom to the building to be able to work around the top of it and place safety netting around the building. The new crane boom will be used to take down the damaged one.

Engineers have been checking the One57 building on West 57th Street since Tuesday, where powerful winds toppled a crane boom situated 90 stories above the city.

Authorities have since secured the area and evacuated nearby buildings, including the Le Parker Meridien hotel.

Bloomberg confirmed that the surrounding area will stay closed and residents would have to keep away until sometime this weekend after the structure has been declared safe.

He added that irregular street closings would have to continue for weeks, while parts of the crane are removed and new pieces loaded.

The crane is located in a building that is planned to be among the tallest residential structures in Manhattan. It is scheduled to open in the middle of next year.

Lend Lease, which is building the tower, stated the crane has been inspected October 26 and that it was left in the right position, as was done during dangerous weather.

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