LTE: Bullying

I want to make the public aware of the bullying that’s going on at the Clearfield Area High School.  I know a student who attends Clearfield and is getting bullied on a daily basis.  The parents of this student have attended several meetings at the school and yet nothing is done. 

Some of the students doing the bullying are football players! How ironic is it that the interim principal just so happens to be the football coach? This student doesn’t feel safe and therefore academics are also suffering. 

What happened to all students being entitled to a free and appropriate education? Let the school (board, officials, staff, etc.) know you will not stand for bullying in any school and something needs to be done before something terrible happens!  Thank you!

Dina Bickel

Special Education Educator

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2 thoughts on “LTE: Bullying

  1. parents

    The bullying issue is very disturbing. But what is more disturbing is that the school outright lied to you. The parents have been to the school a number of times and have hired a lawyer. It is not fair that this student has been taken out of school because of the fear of what may happen to him next and it is not just mental abuse, but physical. The kids are bragging about what they are doing and “getting away with.” Just because they are athletes doesn’t give them the right to bully this kid to where he doesn’t feel safe.

  2. jls16845

    After reading about this . . . I found it to be very disturbing that a student who is trying to get an education in the Clearfield Area High School would be under the pressure of being bullied while at that school.
    So I called the main office at the school this morning, I was told by a lady who works there that the school hasn’t had any reports of any bullying at the high school. I was told that sometimes people do not get the results that they would like, and we all know that “Kids will be Kids,” which is very true. But if bullying is taking place at the high school, it needs to be stopped NOW.
    I just can’t believe the school would allow this if they knew about it.

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