Romney defends "binders full of women" remarks from critics

Nathan Andrada – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Washington, DC, United States (4E) – Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is defending himself from yet another wave of criticism and social media comments taking jab at his “binders full of women” remarks during the second presidential debate on Tuesday night.

Romney’s troubles with the comment have just gotten bigger as a group of Massachusetts women are now disputing his record of hiring women managers and how he got hold of that binder to begin with.

The Romney campaign released a video that features women that the former Massachusetts governor worked with when he served in the state government, with one woman describing him as somebody who is sensitive to issues involving women in the workforce.

As response to a question in the debate by an uncommitted voter about income discrepancies between men and women, Romney discussed how he hired women to top level positions when he became the Massachusetts governor.

On Wednesday, Kerry Healey, who served as Romney’s lieutenant governor in Massachusetts, highlighted his background in hiring female employees. She said that 10 women occupied 20 of the top positions in Romney’s staff including the chief of staff.

MassGAP, a non-partisan group affiliated with the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus, is challenging Romney’s version and issued their own statement stating that the number of women that filled new positions was 42 per cent when Romney took office and by 2006 that percentage fell to 25 per cent.

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