South Carolina Public Defender attacked by client who was sentenced to 15 years

Raquel Erhard – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

York County, SC, United States (4E) – A public defender in York County was slugged in the face Tuesday by a 30-year-old handcuffed defendant who just received his sentence in court.

The York County Sheriff’s Office said that Lamarcus Williamson, who pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 15 years in prison for robbery, drug and assault charges, suddenly hit his lawyer, Dan Hall, in the face.

Williamson, who was hand cuffed in front, lifted his arms and struck his public defender in the mouth with his hands and handcuffs.

Hall, who received a bloody mouth from the attack, said that he just felt a blow to his mouth and hit the floor.

The assault occurred in view of a judge and court room officials and was recorded on court room video.

Williamson explained that he was angry about the accusations against him.

Hall said that he was hit right above the teeth and right below the nose. He added that his mouth is still sore and his lips are lacerated a bit on the inside, but that he will be okay.

Circuit Judge Michael Nettles added an extra six months to Williamson for contempt of court, the harshest punishment possible.

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