Motorists Advised of I-80 Line Painting in Centre and Clinton Counties

CLEARFIELD – PennDOT is advising drivers on Interstate 80 of line painting operations, starting tomorrow in Centre and Clinton counties.

Line painting will take place between mile-marker 138 at the viaduct bridges and mile-marker 158 at the Milesburg interchange. Hours of operation are set for 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Crews will paint westbound lanes first and then switch to the eastbound lanes.  

No painting is scheduled for Friday, but crews will continue line painting the week of Oct. 15, weather permitting. Next week, line painting will take place between the Milesburg/158 interchange and the Lamar/173 interchange. Once that section is done, line painting will take place between the Lamar/173 interchange and the Jersey Shore/192 interchange. Westbound lanes will be painted first, followed by the eastbound lanes of that section.

Motorists will find line painting information available on message boards in the region and on the Highway Advisory Radio System at 1640 on the AM dial.

Annual painting helps to improve the visibility of road lines and enhances roadway safety.  With safety the number one concern during all painting operations, drivers should be aware that:

  • The line painting operation is a moving operation. “LINEPAINTING – WET PAINT” signs and flashing lights are mounted on the back of equipment to warn motorists of the painting operation. 
  • Motorists should stay at least eight to ten car lengths behind line painting equipment to avoid running over wet paint. The paint spray guns are two      inches off the roadway surface and cannot spray a vehicle. Paint can only get on a vehicle if a driver runs over wet lines.

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