WJAC-TV: Crews Begin Tearing Down Old DuBois School

DUBOIS – The Wilson Avenue School has been a part of the DuBois community for more than a century.

According to DuBois Area School District records, the school was erected in 1904.  Residents nearby believe construction started as early as 1902.

In its years, hundreds of kids went to the school there. From 1904-1920, the school held first through eighth grade. A former student who attended the school in the 1950’s said that there wasn’t any kindergarten in the early 1900’s. Starting in 1920, the school consisted of kindergarten through third grade students.

After being operational for several decades, the school closed in 1976.  Since then, the school has been sitting idle in its same location.

Earlier this week, Sandy Township supervisors approved emergency demolition of the building at their meeting.  Their decision came after the building partially collapsed late last week.

A nearby homeowner was required to vacate their property during demolition due to the close proximity of the collapsing structure.

On Wednesday, crews began tearing down the former school.  Many watched as a building full of memories being torn down by demolition crews.

Sandy Township officials told WJAC-TV there aren’t any plans for anything to be constructed on the property. Crews expect the demolition to take a few days if the weather cooperates.

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