CNB Recognized for Contributions to Bison Athletic Stadium

The Clearfield Area School District recognized CNB Bank for its financial contribution toward the newly renovated multi-sport athletic stadium at the Clearfield Area High School during a press conference Wednesday at the Bison Sports Complex. Pictured, from left to right, are: Superintendent Dr. Thomas B. Otto; Interim School Principal Tim Janocko; School board member Larry Putt; CNB President and Chief Executive Officer Joe Bower; Business Administrator Sam Maney; Athletic Director Robert Gearhart; and Assistant Principal Heather Prestash. (Jessica Shirey)

CLEARFIELD – The Clearfield Area School District recognized CNB Bank for its substantial financial contribution of approximately $70,000 toward the newly renovated multi-sport athletic stadium at the Clearfield Area High School during a press conference Wednesday at the Bison Sports Complex.

Superintendent Dr. Thomas B. Otto said the district used accumulated funds earmarked for capital improvements to renovate the Bison athletic stadium. However, he credited Joe Bower, president and chief executive officer of CNB Bank, for the funding toward the personalization of the field and enhancement of the entire complex.

He said due to the generosity of CNB Bank, students and community members will benefit from several additions to the athletic complex. He said the stadium showcases the “CHS” logo at mid-field and the school’s mascot “BISON” in both end zones. He said the district also installed a new scoreboard and sound system and two, 25-second clocks with the bank’s contribution.

“We hope all of these additions will make the Clearfield Area School District an attractive venue to host PIAA post-season events,” he said. “With the support of the school board, the district had the opportunity to renovate the Bison stadium and install a great field. CNB Bank’s generosity personalized and enhanced the entire site to provide a venue that the district, as well as the community can embrace for years to come.”

Bower thanked the district and its administrators for reaching out to CNB Bank and allowing the bank to help with the stadium renovations. He said there are many things within a community that make it much better. He said an education was very much a part of that, as everyone works to keep Clearfield vital and growing into the future.

He said several months ago, Interim School Principal Tim Janocko, Athletic Director Robert Gearhart and Business Administrator Sam Maney partnered with CNB Bank and presented their vision for the stadium’s field. He said, “They wanted this complex to really become Clearfield and show the pride we have in our community.”

“Clearfield is a great place to raise a family. An education is a cornerstone . . . today we’re talking about the athletic field, and tomorrow it’ll be the new school building and its classrooms. CNB Bank has been a part of Clearfield since 1865, and we believe in this town, this community.”

School board member Larry Putt, also a CNB employee, said the board’s main concern is the children within the Clearfield community. He said all of the district’s students – at the high school and the elementary schools – deserve the very best classrooms and facilities.

Although he’s employed by the bank, he felt the need to thank Bower and the bank. He said without the contribution, these stadium’s additions wouldn’t have been possible. He said he was proud to be a school board member and to have people like Bower in the community to provide support.

After the press conference, Janocko said the new Bison stadium would not only benefit the school’s football and soccer athletes, but also every student. He said the field would be heavily used by the school’s physical education classes, making it a benefit to every student in the school.

“We’re really excited about the entire athletic complex – the stadium, the track and the tennis courts,” he said. “(The stadium) renovations beyond exceeded our expectations, and we’re happy for the students and the community. It gives us pride.”

Janocko said the new sound system was a substantial improvement as well as the new scoreboard, which now accommodates soccer scoring. Like Otto, he said they’re hoping these upgrades along with the installation of the two, 25-second clocks will make them a venue for PIAA playoff events.

Maney said the district didn’t have to borrow any funding for the athletic renovations. He said the stadium project totaled $1.75 million, which included the field, track areas, walkways, fencing, etc., but he noted it didn’t include the enhancements made with CNB contribution. He said the stadium currently seats approximately 5,000 – 6,000 people.

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