Sandy Supers Approve Emergency Demolition of Old William School

DUBOIS – The Old William School was voted and approved for emergency demolition at Monday night’s Sandy Township Supervisor’s meeting.

On Friday night, one of the building’s walls began collapsing. Part of the wall collapsed inward, but part of the wall also fell outward toward a neighboring residential building, according to Township Manager Dick Castonguay after the meeting.

As it is an emergency demolition, the city will be responsible for tearing down the structure. Both the owner and the state’s Department of Environmental Protection have been contacted about the structure.

The 10-day wait period for testing purposes, which is typically required for demolition by the DEP, has been waived under the circumstances. The owner will still be responsible for any hazardous materials in the building, such as asbestos.

The township will work to get the building torn down before the expected storm and high winds Tuesday.

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