Memorial Planned for Johnstown Native, 9/11 Victim

JOHNSTOWN — Eleven years after the 9/11 attacks, the only victim from Johnstown will soon have a special tribute.   William Moskal was inside the World Trade Center when planes crashed into the towers.

Being from the city’s west end, Moskal went to Greater Johnstown High School and graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

“He woke up that day just as you and I did, going about his business never thinking something like this would happen, never thinking this would happen in America,” said Rose Howarth, vice president of the West End Improvement Group.

To remember and honor him, a friend of Moskal’s approached the group about building a memorial in his name. Howarth said they knew the perfect place: the corner of Fairfield Avenue and D Street.

“This is a very busy corner and as people drive by here whether you’re from the west end or you’re a visitor or just another part of town, our hope is that you’ll always be able to look over here and remember (everybody who) died that day and the freedoms that we enjoy here in America,” Howarth said.

And Howarth said no matter where people live, the events from 9/11 are closer to us than we may think.

“And it directly connects us not only in Shanksville being close here, but far away,” she said.

The West End Improvement Group is working to have his memorial site completed in a few months

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