Woman contracts hantavirus after cleaning Texas hoarder’s home; TLC crew exposed

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Houston, TX, United States (4E) – A hoarder’s home outside Houston is suspected to be harboring the deadly hantavirus after a woman who cleaned the house that will be featured in the TLC reality show “Hoarders: Buried Alive” (HBA) contracted the disease.

The Woodlands home had been secured and quarantined last week may have also exposed 30 other HBA film and cleanup crew who had been in and out of the place, according to reports.

The woman tested positive for the rodent-borne hantavirus is said to be recovering after getting medication and staying at a hospital. The state health department will test her again to confirm if she has the virus that leads to difficulty in breathing.

The case adds to six reported infections of summer visitors to Yosemite National Park, where tent cabins vulnerable to rodents were suspected of being contaminated with the virus. Three of the infected people had died while 10,000 other tourists to the park had been warned to watch out for flu-like symptoms of the disease.

Hantavirus comes from mice droppings or urine. Viral particles get into the air and causes infection when inhaled. It takes one to six weeks for the virus to incubate. An infected person will initially get chills, muscle aches and fevers. When the disease worsens, the infected person may die from difficulty in breathing.

The best way to control the virus is to get rid of rodents in the home, ABC News quoted Montgomery County Medical Director Dr. Mark Escott as saying.

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