In Clearfield Boro . . . Mack Reaffirmed, Required to Obtain Proper Code Certification

CLEARFIELD – Following an executive session Thursday night, the Clearfield Borough Council unanimously reaffirmed Larry Mack as its code enforcement officer. Mack will be required to obtain the proper certification in the international property maintenance code.

Resident Gary Bailey addressed concerns about Mack’s hiring in March 2009 during the public comment period. He said according to council meeting minutes, the code enforcement officer is required to obtain and retain certification for the position.

Bailey did not know if Mack had ever obtained such certification. He said he’s reviewed meeting minutes for Mack’s six-month probationary period to determine if the certifications were met. He sought to know when they were met and what they were.

Bailey said the Middle Department serves as the inspection agency for Clearfield under a yearly renewal contract. He also sought answers about whether the department was still under contract or if the borough was shopping for a new inspection agency.

“There has been a lot of discrepancy over Mr. Mack’s hiring here. With the clarification we’ve received from the former minutes, we want to make a motion to reaffirm the hiring of Larry Mack to the position of the Clearfield Borough Code Enforcement Officer,” said Council member Jim Kling. “His duties will be, but not limited to, the borough code enforcements, the borough ordinance enforcement, the borough zoning enforcement and the international property maintenance code.

“Mr. Mack will be required to achieve the certification of the property maintenance code within one year of tonight’s meeting,” Kling said. “The building code will be enforced by the present third party inspection agency or any other subsequent party that Clearfield Borough Council may elect to deal with. If Mr. Mack wants to continue an education into the building code that is his opportunity, that’s his decision.”

The council did not decide if Mack’s inability to obtain this certification within the next year will terminate him from the position. When asked, Kling said the topic will be re-visited; he explained that upon Mack’s hiring, it did indicate he had six months to obtain certification. However, he said it never specified which certifications.

“There are so many certifications out there. It did not specify which one,” Kling said.

In other business, the borough voted to approve:

  • the closure of East Pine Street from South Third Street to the alley along the St. John Lutheran Church. The church is hosting a block party from 12 p.m. – 8 p.m. Sept. 9. Church officials must discuss these terms with neighbors.
  • an amendment to a section of the Clearfield Borough Police Department’s Standard Operating Policy (SOP) regarding less than lethal training and to send Police Chief Vincent McGinnis and Officer Shawn Fye to taser recertification training, which will cost $350.
  • the closure of Market Street from Second Street to Temple Avenue; Third Street from Cherry to Pine streets; and Locust Street from Second to Fourth streets for the Clearfield Fall Festival.
  • the traffic control for the Pumpkin Run on Oct. 13 and for the 9/11 Run on Sept. 8.
  • the contract for New Enterprise Paving Company to pave Dorey Street at the cost of $78,950.50 that’s to be paid for with Community Development Block Grant funding.
  • the contracts for Veolia as the garbage carrier at the monthly cost of $405; Saterlee Oil for heating fuel at the fixed price of $3.28 per gallon; and Payonk Tree Service for the removal of four trees on borough property at the cost of $700.
  • the placement of a “No Parking” sign for both sides of East Locust Street at the top between Cemetery Road and Fifth Street. This would be in effect year-around.
  • an advertisement for flag football participants.
  • the resolutions for revisions to the Clearfield County Solid Waste Management Plan and for the continuation of the DUI Task Force
  • a LERTA application for the property located at 216 North Third St.
  • the hiring of parking meter assistant Dean Mignot. His hiring is effective Aug. 20 with his hours to be reviewed in two months.
  • the sale of a 2004 Crown Victoria to Tammy McBride for $800.


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One thought on “In Clearfield Boro . . . Mack Reaffirmed, Required to Obtain Proper Code Certification

  1. lynsevans

    The PCCA states:
    Building Code Official: Manages, supervises and administers building code enforcement activities. The Department, municipality or a third-party agency that operates an enforcement program under the act will employ at least one person certified or registered as a building code official. Duties include management of building code enforcement activities, supervision of building inspectors or plans examiners, issuing building permits, occupancy permits, notice of violations and orders to vacate, and initiation of prosecutions.

    Why lower the original requirement and just have Mr. Mack pass the certificate program for the international property maintenance code. That is only one section of the BCO requirement.

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