Ex-Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett feels malice for Dallas

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Albany, NY, United States (NewsBahn) – The New York Giants open their season playing the Dallas Cowboys, and few people are happier about that than their newest tight end, Martellus Bennett.

He played for the ‘Boys last season and had a drop off in production from 2010 before heading to the Big Apple.

“I just want to kick those guys’ asses,” Bennett told ESPN of playing the Cowboys. “That is what it is all about. I mean we are cool but we ain’t that cool, know what I am saying? I kind of got some ill feelings towards them overall. It is a game, I kind of hate everybody, honestly, in the NFL.”

He also has competition for playing time with the defending Super Bowl champs, as Bear Pascoe, Adrien Robinson, Chris Hopkins and Travis Beckum will battle him at tight end in training camp.

Bennett had 17 receptions for 144 yards and no touchdowns last year, about half his stats from the prior campaign.

Jason Witten’s ex-backup is confident for a rebound season with the Giants, however.

“I kind of sound like Gandhi right now, but I studied myself a lot over the last couple of years,” Bennett told ESPN. “Just the way I approached things and the way I went about things when I was in Dallas. I made a lot of improvements.”

“For me it was never an issue with playing ability or being able to make plays,” he continued. “It really is about being happy and being at peace with myself. I am at peace with myself. I am not at peace with everybody else. I have never been this hungry or this enthused about going to camp.”

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