WJAC-TV: Osceola Mills Public Library Forced to Close

OSCEOLA MILLS – In two weeks, the Osceola Mills Public Library will no longer exist. After funding cuts over the last few years, the library is being forced to close.

Since 2008, state aid for the library has decreased 33 percent. In 2008, it received $173,265. In 2012, the library received $115,876 in state aid.

Dan Muckey, the branch manager at the library, is sad to see the library go.

With the lack of funding, Muckey said the library has been unable to purchase new items. He said it has had a hard time purchasing new books and DVDs for its patrons.

Muckey said it has also seen fewer people coming in to use the library’s resources.

On June 30, the library will close.

Muckey is hoping it will not be the end. The library said a group of volunteers is going to try to keep things up and running.

Without funding, Muckey understands that this will be tough.

Local residents like Lillian Eason are also sad to see the library close.

Eason, a high school teacher, believes it is important to have libraries to instill education values in children, especially during the summer.

In order to keep a circulation of books the Clearfield bookmobile will be coming to Osceola Mills twice a month.

The bookmobile is expected to be in town: July 12, Aug.16, Sept.13, Oct.11, Nov. 8 and Dec. 6 from 2:30 p.m. -7:30 p.m.

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One thought on “WJAC-TV: Osceola Mills Public Library Forced to Close

  1. Dieselrider

    I realize this may be a big issue for a few people but, are local libraries even a necessary source of information any longer? With most people having access to the internet via home computers, smart phones, internet cafes and the use of devices such as Kindle and The Nook, is the local library even a viable concern any longer?

    There was a day when, if I needed information, I would wait for a trip to the local library but today, I can access the internet and find an answer within minutes. I Know that many books are available for download to your computer, Nook or Kindle at very reasonable rates. Probably way cheaper then going to the library if you have to drive any distance at all in these times.

    Are the old outdated materials in the small town local libraries even being accessed any more? Is it really reasonable to spend millions of taxpayer dollars to keep hundreds of small town libraries open just to say “our town has a library”?

    Perhaps I am the oddity here but, I haven’t been to the local library in several years and the last visit, they didn’t have the information I was looking for. I had to find it online.

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