City Manager, Mayor Voice Opposition to Rerouting Traffic

DUBOIS – At the Monday night City Council meeting for the City of DuBois the council, the mayor and city manager made it clear they did not approve of the idea rerouting traffic after many calls, letters, and emails were received.  The City Manager John “Herm” Suplizio lead the conversation by reading a letter he had written.

“Although, I may not think that this is a good idea and it would just move one problem to another area and actually make things worse; I do think it is a good idea to bring up things and let people discuss them,” read Suplizio.

Suplizio explained that the idea was not his nor the council’s originally.  It was brought to them by the economic committee of the Chamber of Commerce.

“I would just like to assure everyone that I have not lost my mind and I agree with the many phone calls and e-mails that I received,” read Suplizio.

The council and Mayor Gary Gilbert voted to show they did not approve of the idea of rerouting traffic from Liberty Boulevard and downtown DuBois through Main Street instead.  With two exceptions all voting members immediately approved the motion.  Council Member Randy Schmidt jokingly stated “I don’t know” before saying yes.  Council Member Diane Bernardo was excused from the meeting.


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